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Story of Hiša Fink

Irča vas
Irča vas

Who are we?

Where the Krka River flows quietly, right next to the native house the Fink House restaurant was built in the Irča village.

We say that tradition goes hand in hand with the new. Embraced by the magic of the surroundings preparing traditional dishes in a modern and contemporary way. With a deep respect for heritage and a commitment to gastronomic delights, Fink House follows a clear vision and a long tradition. At the heart of Fink House are Damjan and Tanja, who have a genuine love for cooking and all the beautiful things cooking creates. Together with our warm-hearted and dedicated team, we create unforgettable culinary experiences for everyone who crosses the threshold of Hiša Fink. Everything at Fink House is new, but everything that is authentic, tasty and top-quality remains.

A world of culinary delights awaits you in a modern pavilion with a terrace overlooking the clear Krka River. At Fink House, we are committed to giving our customers only the best experience. Authentic and carefully selected ingredients, prepared with a genuine love of gastronomy. We find inspiration for our menu in the magical places of Dolenjska, beautiful memories and the people we love. On the menu, you will only find dishes prepared with heart and love for quality ingredients and tradition.

In the graceful language of the Dolenjska dialect, where the Krka River flows quietly and dreamily, sweet wine flows and the tables sway with delicious dishes. We could go on and on about what’s waiting for you here. See for yourself. Book your appointment here and join us for a feast of tastes, thoughts, sights and feelings.

Welcome to Hiša Fink, a world of culinary delights!

What are our values?

The vision of Fink House is shaped by


like Damjan and Tanja’s sincere first kiss, the heart of Fink House.


such as herbs from mum Fink’s home garden.

Being relevant

like the magical inspiration of a chef who cooks in his dreams and his cooking is dreamy.


like mum Kos’s eternal recipes.


to a loyal team that believes strongly in our mission and makes it a pleasure to work with.

Hiša Fink’s kitchen is a profound tribute to all our roots; family, above and underground ones. We are committed to the gastronomic delights and heritage of our places. Our mission is to bring magical moments of comfort and gastronomic delight to everyone who crosses the threshold of our House.


Inspiration is all around us

Hiša Fink combines only the best of nature. This way we never run out of inspiration for our menus. The delicate scents and exciting colours of our surroundings awaken our senses and come together in delicious dishes on your plates.

Every morning, the seasons and seasonal ingredients surprise us with something new that soon finds its way onto your plate. The dramaturgy of flavours in our menus will take you through the mother-in-law’s garden, the nearby woods and the neighbour’s meadow.

Fresh herbs are picked from the home garden, while spices and primroses grow on the banks of the river Krka. The ingredients are local, the eggs come from a neighbour’s free-range farm, the cheeses are supplied by renowned nearby cheesemakers, and the bees forage for honey in the nearby woods. The wine cellar shelves are lined with bottles from renowned winemakers. Taste the authentic ingredients of Slovenian cuisine!

And let’s not forget the greatest treasures of local cuisine and traditional recipes, such as štruklji and homemade bread. Yes, we’re talking about that bread baked in the oven by the chef’s mother. A visit to Fink House will smell like home. You’ll taste our love for good food and tradition in every bite of the food we prepare in our kitchen.


Daily lunch

Daily lunch menus at Hiša Fink. Every working day!

2 plates – 18 EUR
3 plates – 25 EUR

Very welcome!

– visit, write, call –
041 601 540

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