Hiša Fink

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Hiša Fink

Cold appetizers

1 m2 garden

vegetables and shoots from the garden, delicious roast beef slices, mushrooms and potato – 16 €

Crab cocktail

avocado, cucumber, kohlrabi, yogurt with mint – 18 €

Deer and mushroom

deer tartar, potato mayonnaise, lemon thyme, radish and extra fresh mushrooms – 18 €

Spilled sea

slightly burned shrimps, sea bass, anchovies, capesant, almond amaretti, citrus emulsion and nuts with turmeric – 26 €

Porcini mushrooms and thyme

extra fresh delicious slices of porcini mushroom, apple and lemon thyme caviar – 18 €

Short tasting

5 plates


Long tasting

8 plates


Come for a culinary journey

Tasting menu

Taste top wines and indulge in gourmet pleasures.


marinated shrimps from Kvarner

Trout and honey

fillet marinated in bay leaf, white beans, red cabbage, honey and soy emulsion

Deer and mushrooms

delicious slices of deer, beetroot, mushrooms, corn

with saffron, capesanta, burrata and truffles
Veal and porcini

veal loin, pumpkin, pear, vanilla and sweet gorgonzola, crispy mushroom rolls

Tuna and saffron

tuna fillet, saffron sauce, cauliflower souffle, miso, sunflower, truffle

Fillet mignon

of your choice

Holidays working hours

During the holiday (Statehood day) we are open:

Monday: 12:00 – 22:00
Tuesday (holiday): 12:00 – 16:00

Very welcome to our House.

– visit, write, call –
041 601 540

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