Hiša Fink

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Martinovanje at Hiša Fink


Martinovanje at Hiša Fink

When grape juice turns into wine, we like to pay tribute to this beautiful tradition in our house. We are preparing a really good feast for you. Let the aromas overwhelm you!

Where? At our House!
When? 10th and 11th of November


… bread is made by hands not by flour …

Pumpkin soup


Goose breast

slightly smoked – with horseradish, radish and motvilek with poached egg

Main dish

… there’s enough meat on the bones …


with whitened “mlinci”, crispy red cabbage “štrukelj” and “matevž”


… and it’s gone …

Chocolate cake

with chestnut and tangerine

The price of menu is 28 EUR.
Drinks are not included in menu price.

Book your table +38641 601 540

Are you coming?

It will be crazy delicious!

Silent and silent, she wraps around the city and embraces him like a faithful lover. The last light still shines there from among the branches, the Krka winds slowly forward…

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