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New Year’s Eve in the centre of Novo mesto


New Year's Eve in the centre of Novo mesto

The loooooooongest night of the year 🎉

And dinner at the Fink&Situla in the centre of Novo mesto.
Take a look at the menu… and then on the 31st of December to the beautiful events on the main square and hop over to us for dinner.
A sparkling welcome and cheers 🥂

You're very welcome

to our House!

Damjan & Tanja

Silent and silent, she wraps around the city and embraces him like a faithful lover. The last light still shines there from among the branches, the Krka winds slowly forward…

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K Finku na kosilo!

Novost – za zgodnje lahkotnike vrata odpiramo že ob 11. uri … kosila pa so v naši Hiši že od prvega dne. :-) Tudi cena.


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