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Winter menu at hour House


Winter menu at hour House

What’s the point of a hot summer, no cold winter, which adds a little sweetness.
– John Steinbeck
Mhmhm… how warm it is by the fireplace… and how nice the bread from the brick oven smells … Mhmhm. Mhmhm.
The view attracted to peaceful nature and the calm river Krka, so makes it difficult to look on the menu. But when you’re there – uh, from gambers with rose hips, ravioli with chestnuts to sole from from Izola and mega veal back Wellington.
The decision won’t be easy! Choose our Winter in our House menu or visit us again …

You're very welcome

to our House!

Damjan & Tanja

Silent and silent, she wraps around the city and embraces him like a faithful lover. The last light still shines there from among the branches, the Krka winds slowly forward…

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Very welcome to our House.

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